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Welcome to District 15


District 15, Washington Old Time Fiddlers of Clallam and Jefferson Counties, is a part of the Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association, WOTFA, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and perpetuating the art of traditional old time fiddling and associated arts and skills. WOTFA has about 1,700 members statewide. Members belong to geographic districts. It is not necessary to play an instrument to be a member.

The state WOTFA organization produces a monthly newsletter “Evergreen Fiddler” with information about the various districts’ activities, statewide issues and a “tune of the month” with sheet music and historical information about the tune. The newsletter is mailed to all members.

A weeklong workshop, with classes, jamming, performances and dances, is held for members each summer and the annual members’ convention takes place that same week Information about the workshop is included in the newsletter.

WOTFA promotes and conducts research on old time and traditional fiddling and maintains archives and collections. To learn more about WOTFA go to www/wotfa.org


About District 15

Our district includes all of Clallam and Jefferson counties. We meet twice a month, on the second Saturday at the Sequim Prairie Grange, 290 Macleay Road, Sequim, and on the fourth Saturday at the Quimper Grange, 1219 Corona Street, Port Townsend. Click on “Meetings” for maps and times or “Coming Up” for schedules.

In Sequim we have a business meeting with jamming, lessons, practices and performances before and after the meeting. The Quimper meetings are mostly jamming and lessons.

Members play at senior centers, nursing and retirement homes, for clubs, civic functions, dances, county fairs and other events and functions. Donations from these “Playdates” help cover our operating expenses and youth scholarships. More information is on the “Playdates” page.

Many of our members attend the annual state workshop and we provide scholarships for youth members to attend.

Locally, we provide partial scholarships for lessons for youths who are learning to play the fiddle.  More information is on the “Scholarships” page.

We have small “home groups” that meet weekly to learn and practice tunes, to get used to playing in a group and to focus on specific music styles. For more information, contact the Scholarships coordinator.

We have a weekend campout at the Sequim Prairie Grange each summer. It is on June 9, 10, 11, and 12 in 2016.